MCM Manchester-5655

MCM Manchester 2014

This weekend was an event I’ve been waiting a long time for! I’ve been intrigued by cosplay for a while, and when I went to London Anime Gaming Con back in Feb, I decided I wanted to improve my skills quite specifically in this area. Being in the north of the country and having the majority of the big events in London makes travel costs prohibitively expensive. MCM Manchester is basically on my doorstep!

It was a two day event, and unlike LAGC, I spent most of my time shooting Cosplayers rather than try to depict the entire event and I feel it worked out really well. On both afternoons, what I was doing did feel a bit repetitive at times but for now I chalk that down to my lack of technique and posing abilities. Having looked at some other “Pro” photographers work covering the event, I realize a lot of my images could do with being a bit brighter, but not all of them – I was specifically going for a dark vibe on lots.

All said and done though, I spent a good 14, if not more, hours at the event and was kept ample occupied! I got some good shots and there is nothing better than sharing them with your subject and having them use them as profile pictures 🙂

Full album is available on Google+ (71 photos) but here is a selection of my favourites.