Anglesey and Holyhead

Phil and I had been discussing going on a trip to a Lighthouse recently –  Any Lighthouse would do. We found “South Stack Lighthouse” on Google Maps that was located in Anglesey, North Wales.

With the shifts Phil and I work, it has proved difficult to get a time where we’re both available, but this weekend was such a time! The weather wasn’t great, but we both fancied the trip and considered it “Reconnaissance” for a future jaunt later in the year / early next year in the winter. We aimed for sunset and got there with plenty of time, but sadly there was a chance the weather would turn, and turn it did. Never the less we got some usable shots of the Lighthouse / surrounding area. 

On Sunday, we spent most of the morning walking around Holyhead harbour looking at the Breakwater and its Lighthouse then heading home with a quick stop on the Menai Straight for both the Britannia Bridge and Suspension Bridge before calling an end to the trip and heading home.

As disappointing as the weather was, the whole excursion made for good intel gathering. Below are my shots for the weekend.