First Time-lapse

So, having replaced my EOS 600D that was recently stolen, I decided to have a play with it and make a time-lapse video.

Initially I started under the assumption that if I set my camera to continuous shooting and set the self-timer delay to 10 seconds, using a remote release held down I could just leave it do its thing. Turns out this wasn’t the case. After the first image, the camera just doesn’t do anything until you release the shutter, at which point it shows you the preview of the image you have just taken.

I was quite disappointed, but as the light and clouds were awesome out of my window I decided to do some manual work! I basically sat there for an hour pressing the shutter approx every 10 seconds.

This was all done in Aperture Priority mode so the shutter speed changed over time as it tried to get a correct exposure. This is the reason the buildings become more visible later in the video.

Ignoring the jump in the middle where I cleaned the window, I think it turned out OK. To be nice and smooth I’d need to sit there for longer, or increase the frequency of captures – Both options aren’t practical with doing this manually 🙁