IMG_20140217_205750I got bored one evening and decided to see what I could do with a home-made backdrop. In this instance it was a cream coloured fleece blanket (that isnt completely clean…)

Having draped the blanker over the head rest of my bed I put something on it and set up the camera and tripod. I was looking for a white background however as you can see, the lighting isn’t great.

Whats worse is how the camera took the white balance.


As you can see – its not exactly white. This isn’t a problem though. My 600D has an option in the menu for me to set a custom white balance. When selected it asked me to choose an image, so i did. It seems that it then took the majority colour in the image and treats it as white. (I was not shooting RAW for this as I was playing, so I couldn’t really colour correct in post-processing)

All the following pictures had a nice fluffy white background 🙂

The only thing I did wrong here was used Aperture Priority – The camera kept changing the shutter speed based on what it thinks is a correct exposure. This means that some of the images are a tad darker than others. Where it is correct though; It works.

Some examples below. Note the darker ones 🙁 – Manual all the way if you can!