Second Time-lapse

After my recent discovery of using my Android devices to control my camera I decided to have another go at a time-lapse video. This time, with less of the manual shutter release.

The setup is basically the same – Look out the window and see what the clouds/sky is doing, pop the camera on its tripod and hook up my Nexus 7. I set up the app to take 1000 frames at an interval of 5 seconds and kicked it off. This was all done in Aperture Priority mode, f/5.6 at 51mm and ISO 100.

This mode doesn’t keep live-view on all the time so I could press the DISP button on top of my camera to turn the display off during the process (In an effort to conserve battery) and it also seems that I can press the power button on my tablet to turn its screen off and it just keeps on going.

The app was definitely worth the £6 it cost.