Detatched Live View

A couple of days ago, Phil told me that some DSLR cameras allow live view over USB to your PC (like a webcam) and that someone had made an Android App that did the same thing. This seemed like a fun thing to play around with so I took out my Nexus 7 tablet, downloaded DSLR Controller, connected up my USB-on-the-go (OTG) cable and plugged in the camera. Getting it working was really simple, just tap a few things on your tablet and away you go.

IMG_0113Although this should work with any Android device that supports the application, you also need a device that supports being a USB Host.

Whilst you’re still limited to the length of the USB cable between your device and your camera, this is still a useful tool to have. Not only does it make self portraits easier (Lets face it, swivel screens are great, but a bit too small when on the other side of the room) as you have control of the focus without leaving the frame, but the screen is also bigger which makes pixel peeping easier. A few shots I have taken in the past look to be in focus at a quick glance on the camera screen, but when I got them on something decent, I can see its ever so slightly off, but enough to ruin the image.

Another interesting thing this particular app does is Time-Lapse control. This is good news for me as I still haven’t bought a decent¬†intervalometer so this is a nice cheap solution.

Granted, adding a tablet (or phone) to your camera bag isn’t always practical for on-location stuff, but its still a fun thing to play with.

Next is to completely detach it and have it wireless!