Woodhead Reservoir

After work, Phil (a colleague and friend from work) and I decided to go for a drive as it was a perfectly clear evening and there was a chance of some fog later on. Being near the peak district, we opted for Woodhead Reservoir.

We had a look on Google Maps and settled on a small road just off a bridge where we agreed we’d be able to overlook the reservoir and possibly get some of the terrain in too.

Once we’d arrived, we (well, me mostly) set up and started just blindly taking photos pointed in the general direction of the water. As it was pitch black, this was really the only way we could see what our compositions were.

After a while messing around with different places and foreground interest, I think we both settled on where we wanted to be and proceeded to capture some great shots.

During the evening we’d been discussing a conceptual Idea Phil came up with and we worked out the details between us. The highlight of the evening was definitely this conceptual photograph that I lay no claim to, other than being the figure in the image 🙂 – Definitely a learning experience – Thanks Phil!

More adventures from the two of us soon!

Copyright © Phil Stott – Orthogonal3 Photography

Copyright © Phil Stott – Orthogonal3 Photography